Reasons Why We Are Needed To Donate Blood.

Due to the lack of black blood donors, a group of friends came up with an idea. They decided to reach out to as many black, Asian and other ethnic people to join the blood donation register. We can all do our part to save lives if we are fit and healthy enough to give blood.

One of the main benefits of becoming a blood donor is that sense of value because you are saving lives. People from the black community are needed because we are affected by certain blood and bone diseases. The most common one is sickle cell disorder, which affect over 15,000 black and ethnic minorities in the UK.

The rare Ro blood type.

According to the NHS, many sickle cell sufferers require a special and rare Ro blood subtype match. Black people are the most likely ones to carry this rare blood type and 16,000 more black people are urgently needed to donate blood.

This website is an attempt to reach out to people within our communities to give blood and save lives. This is an urgent appeal because so many lives can be saved if we all did our bit. Registration takes no longer than 2 minutes of your time and doing so would be awesome!

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It’s so easy for any healthy adult in the UK to give blood. The NHS has several blood donor centres in all UK major cities. Mobile blood donation vans are also used so that smaller towns and rural areas can be reached.

Save Lives

Due to the rise in sickle cell and bone marrow cases, black blood donors are in high demand. Black people are vital to help win the war against these chronic illnesses because we are the main ones who carry the Ro blood subtype.


You must be on the NHS blood donor’s register in order to become a blood or bone marrow donor. The website is very easy to use and registration takes less than 2 minutes. Click below so that you can become a future donor.

Please donate blood because so many lives are in need.